Title:Not Meant For This World
Band:Asteroid B-612
Label:Au Go-Go Records
Highlights:True Romance
Emotional Tattoo
Straight Back To You
Believe It's True
Always Got Something To Lose

In the liner notes to Asteroid B-612's third album, Not Meant For This World, the band thank Roky Erikson and the Flamin' Groovies for spiritual guidance. No doubt the Stooges, MC5 and New Christs are also high up on the alter.

The opening track is the Funhouse-like Destination Blues with its snarling saxophone and mean wah-wah. The rest of the album then alternates between faster, more down-to-earth rock 'n' roll songs, such as Straight Back To You and slower, more intense songs like Thanks For Nuthin'. The highlight of the album, however, is Believe Its True, with its Eastern-styled riff, foxy keyboards and cranking harmonica. The basic production also suits the bands style well giving the album a 'live' and distinctly Australian feel.

Whilst they have always had the guitar firepower, Asteroid B-612 thankfully now finally have the songs to match. Not Meant For This World, is the bands best album to date and justifies their reputation as perhaps the best punk rock band in Australia.

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